The Italian Centre for Advanced Studies on Religions (CISSR), founded in 1999, promotes the scientific research on religion, with a special focus on the history of Christianity and Judaism. The Centre fosters the development of religious studies in the academia, by organizing scientific meetings, providing support for post-graduate studies, and promoting cultural initiatives on religions.

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Scientific Committee of the CISSR Annual Meetings

The Journal “Annali di Storia dell’Esegesi”

Annali di Storia dell’Esegesi” (ASE) is a semestral journal devoted to the history of Christianity and the interpretation of the Bible, with editorial boards in Europe and North America. Launched in 1984, the journal has established itself as a point of reference for religious studies, reflecting a wide range of approaches and perspectives.

The Annual Meetings on Christian Origins

The annual meetings on Christian origins wish to provide a space for scientific debate and discussion on the broader field of early Christianity, including the research on the historical Jesus, the interpretation of the early Christian writings, and the history of the early Christian groups in the Jewish and Greco-Roman world (1st and 2nd century). The meetings take the form of “Programme Units” coordinated by specialists and young researchers. Papers are expected from a wide range of perspectives: history, exegesis, archaeology, papyrology, anthropology of religions, comparative studies, social sciences and cultural studies.